Fall Inspiration


I saw this post and I got so excited because the Fall season is upon us!! These are definitely my go to Fall colors. I love the deep dark reds, purples, browns, and of course you can’t go wrong with black. I’m addicted to O.P.I’s Lincoln Park After Dark. The color is perfection. It is my go to.  I love Milani’s Black Cherry lipstick, and this collage reminded me of my two favorites. I’m so excited to wear them out soon. Summer left so quickly! But I’m ready to have poppin’ lips; wear scarfs, jackets, and booties!

What about you? What’s your go to lip color and nail polish for Fall? What inspires you for the season?

DIY…The Bride’s Way!

Wedding season is almost over. I’m so glad it’s come and gone for me, lol. Those were some of the most trying nine months ever. I’m sure I’ll think differently when I’m with child, but so far, those were the … Continue reading